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Backups Part 2: Mobile

As we discussed in the last article, backups are super important, and that's no less true for your beloved iPhone and iPad. After all, if you've got a solid backup, then breaking or losing your device won't mean losing any data. (Unfortunately, this won't prevent you from losing money on a new device if that happens.)

This is A cloud. No relation to THE cloud where your iPhone backups are.

Remember how we said, though, that iCloud isn't a backup service? Totally true when we're talking about your Mac, but for your iPad and iPhone, it actually is. To check to see if yours is active, open the Settings app on your device, tap your name at the top, and then touch "iCloud." Under that section, you'll find "iCloud Backup" if you scroll down. Tap that.

As you can see in grey there at the bottom, this iPhone just did a backup yesterday. If it's been a while for yours, you can touch "Back Up Now" to force one. (Backups happen automatically at night when the device is plugged in, not powered down, and on your wireless network.)

If your backups are turned off, though, you should turn them on; however, this may mean that you have to pay for more storage from Apple to do so. We strongly recommend that you go that route if that's the case! After all, 99 cents per month (which is the likely amount you'd have to give up) is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind of having a backup of your iPhone or iPad.

In fact, just thinking about you guys safe and sound with reliable backups gives us the warm fuzzies. We're weird like that.


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