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Our Favorite Apps

Apple's iOS App Store has been hovering around two million apps for some time now, which've been downloaded billions of times. So it's not really shocking if we all have some trouble wading through that massive list to find useful stuff! In this article, though, we're going to go over some of our favorite iPhone and iPad apps, and we hope you find this information helpful. Or at least fun.

  • PictureThis. This nifty app will let you take a picture of a plant and identify it on the spot. If it's a houseplant, you can also get tips on care and the optimal conditions for keeping your little green friend happy. We like using this app on hikes to identify flowers—it's great for learning more about the flora around you.

  • Paprika. If you're into cooking and finding new recipes, then this is the last app you'll need. It lets you import recipes from the web (without having to retype any of the ingredients or instructions yourself!), and if you're okay with paying a little extra, you can have the app both on your iPhone and Mac and sync your recipes between the two. There's even an integrated grocery list feature, which means you can select a recipe, add its items to the grocery list on your Mac, and then take your iPhone to the store when you buy stuff. We've been using and loving it for years!

  • Home Workouts by FitnessAI. This app uses algorithms to determine the best workouts for your personal development and goals. The thing we like best is that there are built-in animations on how to safely perform each exercise! It's a COVID fitness must-have.

  • AirVisual. With the recent fires (or if you're just sensitive to pollution), it may be important to know what the air quality is before you head outside for a run. Or what the quality is predicted to be so that you can plan ahead! AirVisual lets you do just that, with easy-to-read city reports and forecasts by the hour or by the day.

So those are some of our favorites, and when you meet us, you can feel free to let us know what yours are. We can always use fun new virtual toys to play around with! It's kind of our thing.


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